RealSynch FAQ

What is RealSynch?

Smart Integrations for the Residential Real Estate Technology sector.  RealSynch harmonizes your systems to enable real time data visibility and automation of critical business processes.  We leverage the insight of top Brokers, Coaches and Teams across the country to deliver the most valuable integrations (“Synchs”) between the top technology providers in the industry.

What is a "Synch"?

Synch is short for Synchronization.  

Synch is the term we use to describe a unique integration made up of Two (2) providers.  

A Source Provider app and a Target Provider app. 

 For Example,  LeadGen Provider A to CRM Provider X = 1 Synch .   Lead Gen Provider B to CRM Provider X = 1 Synch.  Total = 2 Synchs


What is a "Call"?

Call is the term we use to describe each time the Synch is triggered to integrate data.  For Example, 1 Call is used when a Consumer [Registers] on LeadGen Provider A and the relevant Lead is created in the CRM Provider X.  1 call is used when a Consumer clicks [Request for Showing] button on LeadGen Provider A and a related Activity is created in the CRM provider X.

What is Beta?

 RealSynch Product status is currently Beta, which indicates it is available by invitation and users are expected to share respond to requests for feedback.  The Service is offered at no cost during the Beta Period.  The current Beta period started May 2018 and is planned to end with Full Product Launch August 2018.

The Terms and Conditions for Beta Use are available in the footer at the bottom of this page

Can I request a Synch?

Absolutely!  We value your request and feedback.  We want to hear about what will take you to the next level.  Keep in mind, we are constantly delivering new Synchs – So we may already be working on the system you need want to Synch.  Click on Contact Us and  Reach Out Today

How to Partner with RealSynch

RealSynch is actively looking for Partners to add to our catalog of available Synchs.  We are quickly growing a backlog of synchs and want you and your user base to be on it.  Click on Contact Us and  Lets talk Today about how a RealSynch partnership can enable your users, your teams and your product!

How do I setup a Synch?

The easiest way is to try it out!  The product is made to be simple so you can self service.  Just click on Start Today to get Registered.  We have included simple instructions in the Activation process to help you complete any steps to be completed in your Source or Target system.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to … 

1.) Select a Source,…  2.) Select a Target…  3.) Authenticate….  4.) Activate


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